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Published: 06th November 2009
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Well-established brands of bare cast iron cookware in the united states include Griswold and Wagner (now both owned and manufactured by the American culinary corporation, in the usa), lodge (made in usa, though their enamel-coated line is made in china), and john Wright (some items made in china).

There are many other producers of traditional cast iron in France, Italy, and Denmark, Sweden and the auk, manufacturing enameled and unenameled cookware. This type of cast iron was a popular material for cookware in the late 19th and early to mid-20th centuries, but it has since been replaced by modern metal alloys.

Manufacturers of enameled cast iron cookware include le cresset, le chasseur, lodge, stub, decorate, and john wright. Home seasoning your lodge cast iron cookware. Caring for your lodge cast iron cookware. How to season bare cast iron from only cookware. Cast iron cookware had to offer. Put your cursor on the words above for drop-down menus to see what all you might find on this Griswold & cast iron cookware association website.

The Griswold & cast iron cookware association is the first, largest, and, in our opinion, the finest of the collector groups whose members collect cast iron and aluminum cookware! With cast iron cookware, you get excellent heat retention and diffusion properties, this makes it very popular, and cast iron is not one of the toxic metals.

Searing or frying is a cast iron cookware specialty because of its ability to withstand and maintain very high cooking temperatures. Long cooking stews or braised meats can also be prepared in cast iron cookware because of its fantastic heat diffusion properties. We've pulled together to best resources online about cast iron cookware. We have industry experts who have written articles and opinions about the best way to use cast iron cookware.

You'll find excellent information on cast iron cookware care, sets, seasoning cast iron cookware, cleaning, dangers, safety, and of course the best recipes for using your cast iron cookware. Cast iron cookware is known as probably the best cookery a chef or cook can ever have for many reasons. One of those reasons is the incomparable durability that comes with each piece of the cast iron cookware set. Cast iron cookware is one of the most versatile, most durable, and to date, the safest form of cookware that chefs and cooks can use, so it only follows reason that such highly convenient and reliable utensils be cared for well.

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